13 Signs You Need to Get A New Doctor

The health of every patient should be of paramount concern to their health care provider. Nonetheless, some physicians fall short of bedside manners and medical expertise, thus impeding the health of their patients.

With the following signs, there’s a need for you to find a new doctor to handle your health more competently.

1. They Trivialize Your Concerns

A skilled doctor isn’t one to dismiss the complaints of their patients even if test results appear inconclusive. Instead, they should refer you to a specialist who can help you with an accurate diagnosis.

When a doctor forms the habit of trivializing your complaints, getting a new doctor should be in mind

2. They’re Disrespectful

While doctors are intellectuals who have committed many years into their education to earn the right to handling another life, they, however, aren’t higher to their patients and shouldn’t have any reason to look down on them.

You should get a new doctor if you feel like your doctor is condescending and doesn’t think you can comprehend his diagnosis or statements.

A doctor-patient dialogue should be enlightening, polite, and two-way, regardless of the complexity of the diagnosis or the seriousness of the news.

3. They Don’t Maintain Eye Contact

In medicine, doctors and other caregivers must demonstrate empathy to their patients. Eye contact is a great way a physician can express their concern and understanding.

If your doctor prefers staring at a screen, writing, or looking into their phone as they converse with you while you express your concerns, it’s a definite sign that you need a new physician for your health needs.

4. Their Staff is Hostile

Your doctor isn’t the only one you’ll be interacting with during your visit. So staff who surrounds them must be professional, too.

If they’re disrespectful, perhaps they make jest of patients or gossip carelessly, you should excuse yourself from such an environment.

Nonetheless, if your doctor is a proficient physician, you may relay your concerns to him/her, and if they’re able to bring them to order, you may continue to see your doctor.

5. Their Worker is Negligent

Nurse practitioners and other hospital staff are the main links between doctors and their patients. Therefore, they must be able to give correct information always.

Moreover, due to misinformation from the staff, a nurse may have to treat you in place of your doctor rather than setting another appointment. So if a doctor’s staff flops with their service, do change your doctor.

6. They Prescribe Drugs Unnecessarily

A responsible doctor manages the issues of their patients effectively. They should monitor your condition before giving you a list of prescriptions for unconfirmed health issues.

If you typically leave your doctor’s office with unnecessary prescriptions over a minor injury or complaint, you should consider a change. 

7. They Have Limited Medical Knowledge

Sadly some doctors are oblivious of the new trends in research, technological development, and procedures in medicine.

If you believe your doctor is unreceptive to a valuable new treatment, you’re free to swap doctors.

8. They Recommend the Most Expensive Alternative

Doctors should be solely after the well-being of their patients. They should only recommend treatments with a verified good report and not make you spend outrageously on recommendations they are unsure of its efficacy.

9. Their Answers aren’t Beneficial

Of course, every patient would need clarification on the technical terms used by their physicians. Hence, a doctor should be receptive to questioning, and should adequately clarify a patient’s inquiry about their diagnosis, prescription, or any other matter.

For instance, you may ask if making snacks for your kids with the best outdoor gas griddles is a healthy idea. A good doctor should help you make healthy choices for your daily routine to enhance your health.

So if your doctor usually skips your questions on health matters, kindly find a new doctor.

10. They Market Anything to You

Nowadays, doctors are very engaged in selling third-party products, like vitamins and dietary products, through their medical profession. This marketing behavior may not be immoral conduct; however, they can become unethical if they infringe on evidence-based medicine. Thus making the doctor a seller.

If your doctor tries to persuade you into purchasing a product you don’t trust, you may seek new counsel or get a new doctor completely.

11. Prying Into Your Personal Life

A doctor who doesn’t keep their relationship with patients at a professional level is crossing their boundaries. If your doctor makes silly jokes about your body or unnecessarily brings up your love life into a discussion, you should seek healthcare somewhere else so that your health concerns don’t linger.

12. Judging You

It’s essential to open up to your doctor; however, they shouldn’t use your honesty against you. A good doctor should listen and recommend solutions and professional advice based on your predicament.

If the reverse is the case, you should stop seeing such a doctor.

13. They Don’t Give You Their Attention

Does your doctor pay little or no attention to you as you relay your complaints to them? Do they cut you off and listen less? If the answer is yes, find a thoughtful doctor.

A good one should give you their maximum attention when you’re conversing with them to take note of every detail. All of the above signs are equally important and should motivate you to switch doctors if you’re familiar with any warnings.

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