Diarrhea Prevention

Travelers’ diarrhea is the most common illness affecting international travelers. The symptom is so well known that it has earned many nicknames, including “Montezuma’s Revenge”, “Pharaoh’s Revenge,” and “Delhi Belly”. Recent studies show up to 70 percent of travelers will come down with diarrhea symptoms during their trip.

Often, travelers’ diarrhea is not an illness. It is usually a symptom of infection like food poisoning or e. Coli. The best way to avoid travelers’ diarrhea is to avoid these diseases.

Where Does Travelers’ Diarrhea Occur?
Travelers’ diarrhea can occur anywhere, at home, or abroad. Eating at a less clean restaurant or drinking unfiltered water can lead to the symptom. The regions with the highest risk are:

Latin America
Middle East
While these regions have an increased risk, travelers’ diarrhea can occur anywhere.

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