General Questions

Where did Travel Ready MD go?

Dr. Solomon retired Travel Ready MD to make room for Communicating Science.

He was spending more and more of her time helping colleagues use social media and blogging to share what they know. That didn’t leave time to work on two projects while continuing to practice pediatrics.

Travel Ready MD has been replaced by Communicating Science.

What is Travel Health or Travel Medicine?

Travel medicine also called travel health is a branch of medicine that helps people stay healthy before, during, and after international travel.

Fun fact: Emporiatrics is the Latin name for travel medicine.

How is travel medicine related to Communicating Science?

Dr. Solomon began his adventure into blogging and social media through travel medicine.

After earning her Certificate in Travel Medicine from the International Society of Travel Medicine (ISTM) Dr. Solomon discovered that travelers were confused and couldn’t figure out what they should do to prepare for a trip.

He stared TravelReadyMD and began blogging regularly. One thing led to another and suddenly she found herself giving advice to colleagues about how to blog, use twitter, and share medical knowledge online.

Why is Dr. Solomon interested in travel medicine?

Dr. Solomon loves to travel and she loves to ‘talk travel’ with her patients.

In her general pediatric practice, she found many of her patients were getting bad advice or no advice prior to travel. So she studied, passed exams, and began to help her fellow travelers.

Dr. Solomon remains very active in the travel medicine community. She is currently writing for professional journals and conducting research.

Can a doctor give me shots or help me prepare for a trip?

The Doctor does not have a current travel medicine practice. He still practices general pediatrics but not in a location that offers travel medicine services.

However, he is open to new opportunities.

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